Friday, December 7, 2007

i say yeah

Passion of the Weiss has a live mp3 version of the (ten minute!) title track from Stephen Malkmus's forthcoming album, Real Emotional Trash.

Oh, and they continue their hip hop songs list.

It's like mom and dad all over again -- Clipse and Lil Wayne are beefin'.

Drowned in Sound concludes its 2007 list, joining the ranks that name Sound in Silver album of the year.

Stereogum is streaming a Jonny Greenwood piece from the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood, along with excerpts from a Nonesuch interview.

I'm not sure what to make of the trailer for next summer's live-action Wachowskified Speed Racer. What do you think?

Mojo's list is also stupid.

"Jens Lekman strips down" sounds a lot better than "Jens Lekman plays an acoustic set", but...

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