Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hey, Nashville!  It's that time of the year again -- check out what the Nashville Scene has named The Best of Nashville 2008, according to the readers and the writers.

Hey nerds! has a bevy of pictures from next year's Star Trek movie!  Meanwhile...Comics lists 20 Things Every Superhero Comic Collection Needs.  New York magazine has a five-page preview of Brian Azzarello's (100 Bullets) new graphic novel, The Joker.

PopMatters is running a great feature this week: Cinema Qua Non - Indispensable DVDs.

Two of my favorite comedians are in (separate) talks with Fox: Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy) and Will Arnett (Arrested Development).

While I'm excited that the Henson Co. has picked up a project touted as Muppets for adults, the plot sounds suspiciously similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

Merry Swankster has a primer for The Fall, one of the best, most prolific, and strangest "groups" of all time.

Here's yet another handy-dandy way of checking out exactly how much OBAMA IS GOING TO WIN.

Download Esau Mwamwaya's new mixtape for free.  Never heard of him?  You will.  He's BFF with MIA.

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