Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ms. binoche if you're nasty

The godfather of noise has been outed as a lesbian. Well, that's confusing.

This movie will either be terrifying or hilarious. I'm banking on the latter.

Another fantastic interview with Pusha T of Clipse.

Jim Ridley hooks us up with the first nine minutes of Todd Haynes' never-to-be-released debut, Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story. Apparently the rest of the forty-three minute film are on YouTube. God, I can't wait for I'm Not There.

Speaking of, reviews are trickling in, and they're just the kind of hesitant praise I was expecting. Sign me up! Of particular note are the reviews on Slate and The Playlist, who calls it "a cineaphile's wet-dream". Yes please.

Why have we never eaten here?

Shadowcat dishes on the indie-friendly soundtrack for Juno.

Juliette Binoche gets naked and arty.

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