Friday, November 30, 2007

oxford comma

There's a soundtrack for The Wire coming out early next year. Oh, and apparently David Simon is eyeing New Orleans for his next TV project.

Once again I petition my loyal readers to transcribe some blocked articles for me: AV Club's primer on the brothers Coen and their review of There Will Be Blood.

OMG David Byrne likes Vampire Weekend?

Hey, it's a pretty good 2007 music list. May this blog be successful.

Paper Thin Walls reviews Hello Blue Roses' first single, "Shadow Falls", along with an mp3 and an interview with Dan Bejar's gf Sydney Vermont.

Pitchfork made a funny.

Still looking for a Christmas present for yours truly? Look no further.

Headline of the Day goes to the Playlist.

Peter Sarsgaard may break his streak of being the best actor in a terrible movie by appearing in next year's adaptation of Michael Chabon's The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, alongside Sienna Miller and Mena Suvari. Too bad the director's only notable credit is Dodgeball.

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