Wednesday, December 12, 2007

feel my disease

New York magazine: You’ve also called this your punk Sweeney.
Depp: If there was anybody in terms of inspiration for my sound, it was Anthony Newley [the Broadway vet]. And Iggy Pop, you know? Iggy’s kind of this very aggressive crooner. Especially in the early stuff, there’s something about his attack that’s haunting.

Man, Spike Jonze's/Dave Eggers's Where the Wild Things Are is going to kick. so much. ass.

New Magnetic Fields mp3 - "California Girls"

Wu-week continues at Prefix with their ranking of the MCs and RZA's best beats.

Merry Swankster has started counting down the best songs of the year with #s 50-41.

Does anyone else find this headline astoundingly tasteless?

Thank you, Passion of the Weiss. I feel so cool for having heard 4 of your Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs of 2007, and even cooler for owning 3 of them.

Hey, Stereogum readers voted in some pretty good Gummys!

It's never too early for Oscar predictions!

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