Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i hate california girls

PopMatters continues their infinitely readable 2007 series with The Best TV, Film, and DVD and The Best (and Worst) in Show. Really, really, really good stuff.

Lil Wayne wants to collaborate with Mariah Carey. I'm okay with that.

As if he didn't have my vote already, Barry O loves him some Jay-Z! Except for, you know, the cursing and stuff.

Drowned in Sound has that semi-controversial Stephin Merritt interview and Rhapsody is streaming his new album. Might I suggest a simultaneous read/listen?

This is a bit old, but Marathonpacks' 2007 Year-end Lengthy Write-ups are essential reading for anyone who has ever been affected by a song. Like, you know, girls.

Do you have time to read sixteen back-and-forth e-mails between movie critics about the Year in Film? Then Slate's always-entertaining Movie Club is for you! This year it features The Boston Globe's Wesley Morris, my personal favorite critic, amongst others.

I REALLY like Times New Viking, but you probably won't.

Aw, y'all! My school made the news, and it wasn't for a shooting!

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Kelly D-M said...

You're right - I've tried, but I can't like Times New Viking. I kind of want to give them shaken baby syndrome.

I do, however, like that Marathonpacks list!!!