Friday, January 25, 2008

she means nothing to me now

Ryan Gosling may play Jack Ryan. I stop drawing hearts around his name and replace them with explosions.

Is the L for LOL? "If There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men split the smart-person vote, and Juno actually wins, I will understand, even better than I do now, how the Unabomber felt in his cabin all those years." - The L Magazine

Could I pull this off?

Slate offers up the most effective obituary for Heath Ledger. The Westboro Baptist Church offers up yet another reason to embrace militant atheism.

Stream "Out at the Pictures" from Hot Chip's forthcoming Made in the Dark.

The Jackass guys are taking over MTV for 24 hours. Who wants to let me use their cable?

Julian Schnabel is such an unforgivably awesome asshole.

The next James Bond movie will be called ... Quantum of Solace. Seriously.

Obama promises Vice President Oprah Winfrey, among other things. Too bad he was joking on David Letterman, because I don't think I'd be alone in casting my vote for that reason.

Update your Netflix queues -- PopMatters is on the scene with 2007's best DVD releases and a wish list for those stuck in home movie limbo.

David Byrne covers the Fiery Furnaces and adds his own verse. Man, he's so cool.

Islands will release a new album this spring.

I streamed bloglings Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut today. One listen verdict: Eh+?

This is all over the place, but Of Montreal's MIA cover is pretty awesome.

I don't even agree with half the things this guy is saying, but he's panning Juno. Hear, hear!

Newsflash: I recently decided that U2 is my least favorite band of all time. Bono must have gotten the message because he recently called himself, "... not just a noise polluter, [but] a noise-polluting, diesel-soaking, Gulfstream-flying rock star." A bit out of context, but still.

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i think you should get the shirt in pink.