Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the beaches all closed

Let me clarify -- I was happy with most of the results of Sunday night's ceremony. Of course I wish that Cate Blanchett had taken home Best Supporting Actress, PT Anderson had won Best Adapted Screenplay, and anyone but Diablo Cody had taken home Best Original Screenplay. Jon Stewart was funny (and classy when he let Markéta Irglová come back out). Marion Cotillard was mind-alteringly cute. There were a lot of cool accents accepting awards. I was just sort of bored.

Film School Rejects lists the 8 Things We Need to see in the Arrested Development Movie.

The fourth Terminator flick has a release date -- May 22 2009.

AOL is streaming Stephen Malkmus's new album.

The Playlist is always at its best when he's skewering media coverage. His analysis of the low-rated Oscars proves this theory.

Well, I didn't like Be Kind Rewind that much.

I guess it shouldn't be that much of a shocker that Martin Scorsese has put together a star-studded cast, but damn.

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Big D said...

I was really happy that he let Irglová say her thank-yous. I was really irritated by the music people that they didn't let her say something the first time and was so happy to see her back out.

I also thought everything that was being said about Cody's screen play was instanced in her total lack of balls as she walked off the stage holding her dress together. I would have had a ton more respect for her if she'd just owned it.

can't wait for shutter island!