Wednesday, March 12, 2008

soy un monstruo

Where the hell has Benicio Del Toro been? Here's your first look at his upcoming turn in The Wolf Man.

Apparently if you want to be one of the first people to see the trailer for Quantum of Solace, the new 007 flick, you're going to have to buy a ticket for Will Smith's Hancock.

Rotten Tomatoes has an interview with J. Hoberman, the head critic at über-snobby Village Voice.

Stephin Merritt's touring band is keeping a blog for their tour behind the Magnetic Fields' Distortion.

Word on the street is that Johnny Depp wants to star in a Salvador Dalí biopic.

The full trailer for Pixar's WALL-E is on the internet.

I have to admit almost complete ignorance when it comes to Portishead, but I may buy their new album based on the cover art alone.

Destroyer item du jour: a profile over at Globe and Mail.

Play an old-school game while listening to the new Black Keys single.

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