Tuesday, September 16, 2008

roll on babe

Esquire lists 75 Books Every Man Should Read.

RIP David Foster Wallace.  Harper's is hosting pdf versions of everything he ever wrote for them.

Prefix has a pretty solid release of the 10 Best Albums Resulting From the Uncle Tupelo Break-Up.

Netflix is offering $10,000, among other things, to anyone who can watch more than 120 hours of movies.

NPR dishes on What John McCain Could Learn From Omar Little (Thanks, Brooke!).

Of Montreal - "Brush Brush Brush"

David Simon (The Wire) is executive producing the John Wilkes Booth story for HBO, along with his Homicide buddy Tom Fantana.

Lil Wayne talks follow-up(s) to Tha Carter III.

Lily Allen's new album comes out February 9th.

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Anonymous said...

No prob. Just don't let Andrew know that you are even aware of that articles existence unless you want to get into the world's most pointless argument.