Friday, October 10, 2008

you could have been right for me

So if you're like me, you find this whole financial crisis thing incredibly boring.  Lucky for us, NPR and This American Life make it all a little more digestible.

Slate also makes things handy-dandy with their Electoral Map.  Gobama.

The Chicago Tribune lists 5 essential albums for Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, two national treasures if ever there were...

Granted, it's brought to you by the Indie Lite shmucks who whipped up Little Miss Sunshine, but Sunshine Cleaning (really?) features Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.  Swing and a ...?

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Big D said...

the planet money podcast is really great, it's got one of the guys from TAL as a creator.

also, this morning on NPR there was a story about Obama supporters in New Mexico, and on the outside of one of the campaign offices, they had a sign that said 'Obamanos!'

HAHAHAHAHAHA that's my favorite one yet!