Wednesday, December 17, 2008

but it's swimmin' wit a limp

The internet has gone into hibernation.  The only non-year-end news items of the day are the release of another AC Newman mp3 ("Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer") and the recording of another live of Montreal cover (Tom Petty's "American Girl").

Slate has begun the back-and-forth on The best music of 2008.  These conversations are always fun to keep up with.

Tiny Mix Tapes has all sorts of fun in their Year End Fest.

Passion of the Weiss has posted mp3s for The 50 Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2008 -- Part I and Part II.  This is especially useful if, like me, the only hip-hop record you bothered to pick up this year was Tha Carter III.  Instant cred!

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