Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the lazarus project

Let's drive the last nail in 2008 with a list round-up: Best 50 Astronomy Pictures of Year 2008 (sic), Slate's The Movie Club, and Paste's Best Lists of 2008.

Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) has a new movie coming out in America this summer!

So does George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, etc.).  Unfortunately, I think it's literally called ... of the Dead.

So does Quentin Tarantino.  Inglourious Basterds.  August 21st.

I like M Ward, but I might buy his new album just due to the cover art alone.

of Montreal have been bringing out the covers like WHOA on their current tour.  On Saturday, I saw them do "Let's Spend the Night Together", "Immigrant Song", "American Girl", and "Smells Like Teen Spirit"!  Check out YANP's archive.

The Wilco DVD coming out soon features footage from Nashville!  Too bad I missed that show...

You can watch all seventeen episodes of the classic cult TV show The Prisoner FOR FREE over at AMC's website.

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Alexander said...

Bah! I love The Prisoner! That's fantastic! I was just telling my cousin about that show over Christmas. Many thanks.