Monday, February 23, 2009

before i printed it out

Variety's Anne Thompson dishes on Entertainment Weekly's controversial list of the Top 25 Active Directors.  I mostly agree.

One of my new favorite blogs is essay collection This Recording.  Yvonne Georgina Puig writes a recent highlight about the weirdness that is Facebook.

Google Ocean watchers may have found Atlantis ... as long as you don't read the comments at the bottom.


William Wren said...

great work

Caroline said...

ok, super sorry if i've already told you this...
i sat next to anne thompson on an airplane on my way to cannes. this was back when she was working for the hollywood reporter. anyways, suuper nice woman. i e-mailed her last summer with an industry question and she got right back to me. also, i think she has something on her website that tells her who links to her site, because once when i posted a link to something she wrote i had a mysterious visitor from cali the following day (thank you, google analytics - also this was back when my blog was just born so i was getting practically no traffic, which is why i think it was her) anyways - blah blah blah. food pictures coming to hidden treasures hopefully very soon.