Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hard wait

The World's Healthiest Foods include olive oil from Spain, soy from Japan, yogurt from Greece, lentils from India, and kimchi (!) from Korea.

Magnet magazine looks at the five most overrated and five most underrated items in the Merge catalog.

Thanks to Danielle for pointing me toward this USA Sitcom Map!

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but certainly not this -- Netflix at work, a gallery.

We have further confirmation that an Arrested Development movie might actually happen -- David Cross says the idea is "awesome".

Someone please motivate me to follow through on this one -- How to Grow Herbs Indoors.

Trailer - Extract (dir. Mike Judge, stars Jason Bateman)


Kelly D-M said...

dammit, Danielle beat me to sending you the sitcom map.

Dan Meth is my lover, if you recall. Kendra used to work with him, then I met him, and i loved him longtime. in dreams, anyway.

Big D said...

You should totally tap Taya for advice on growing herbs.

I need to check on my tomatoes & lettuce - this weird weather is freaking me out.

Tom Drew said...

Why do the Netflix minions have to wear those awful shirts? They aren't working with the public, who are too stupid to know if you're an employee unless you're wearing an awful shirt emblazoned with the company name (and even then some of 'em still have trouble).

Thanks for the indoor herbs article. Ryan and I are moving to a new place this weekend and hope to grow some stuff, if we can.

And as for the Beatles, I wonder if this is happening too late. Shouldn't they have reissued everything ten years ago, when people would've bought them? I'll be interested to see what happens. And why do they still insist on issuing the early albums separately, when they'd make excellent two-fers? (I'm also still bitter about the Rolling Stones remasters, which came out like six months after I bought the entire early catalogue and are also so short that I refuse to pay $18 a pop for a bunch of 30-minute albums.)