Wednesday, July 22, 2009

we fell in love with all these kids

Even though I was a bit underwhelmed with their performance Sunday night, I can heartily endorse these new Flaming Lips mp3s.

I was impressed with DJ/Rupture, however, who provided illuminating interview fodder for NPR.

Mick LaSalle defines "favorite" when dealing with movies. (My answers, for the record, are 1) Pulp Fiction, 2) Talk to Her, 3) Vagabond, 4) California Split.)

This time-lapsed video of Wilco's set-up in Lowell, Massachusetts is pretty impressive.

There is a lot of Classic TV on YouTube.

This trailer for Jane Campion's Bright Star makes the period piece look genuinely exciting.

Sesame Street has been on the air for 40 years. Celebrate by brushing up on your Muppets knowledge.

Have you pre-ordered the new Destroyer 12" yet? Hint: I have.

Speaking of Destroyer, his 2006 album makes #6 on The Washington Post's list of Top 20 Merge Records.

I really, really like "Dominos" by Big Pink. Maybe you will, too!

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