Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i'm not in this song

So on the whole, Björk's Volta kind of sucked. Still there were a few high points, and "Wanderlust" was one of them. Peep a few stills from the upcoming video here.

Nashville! Dave Berman (Silver Jews) is giving a poetry reading at Watkins next week!

Details on the DVD for There Will Be Blood have appeared.

The first new Notwist song in almost six years is available at their European label's website.

Mark E. Smith has announced the 27th Fall album and an autobiography.

Is Unknown Pleasures the "most iconic album cover" of all time? Start the backlash.

Annie has a new single. It's bubbly.

The R-rated trailer for The Foot Fist Way has arrived. If you like Will Ferrell or Super Troopers, this one's for you, kid.

Some members of Pavement toss off some half-baked reunion thoughts, and the internet. goes. insane.

Um... Robert Downey Jr.'s new movie has him in blackface. This could be very, very bad.

Tapes 'n' Tapes are streaming their entire new album until noon tomorrow.

...and in today's Destroyer news, the first review is up! And it's good!

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