Monday, June 2, 2008


I suppose I should have mentioned that the blog will be on summer hiatus while I am.

See all three of you August 4th!


Tom Drew said...


Anonymous said...

Hey. I know you're on hiatus and all that, but... maybe for when you come back.

Back in your days at LiveJournal under the name 'movieboy0' you were the mod of a music community called 'soundsgood.' (Or at least I think it's you. I followed links saying you were dead and now resurrected elsewhere.)

The soundsgood community is still quite active, but has no active moderator. We've been getting some annoying spammy posts (most recent being this one) and it'd be nice if we could have a bit of control over that.

I'm not asking you to come back and moderate, but do you think you could possibly appoint a new mod? I figured I could ask you rather than trying to poke and prod the higher-ups at LJ.